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American PreK-12 Educational System and Entrepreneurship

The future of any country is directly shaped with the quality of education provided to young learners. With the increasing pressure on the American PreK-12 education to enrich curriculum and to Read more »

Tips of Writing a Great Research Paper

Great Research Paper
School and college students are required to write many research papers of varying length and complexity. Most of them do not aim at original research but present a comprehensive synthesis of Read more »

Tips on Writing a Good Dissertation

Writing a Good Dissertation
Dissertation is far the most important undertaking in the life of an aspiring researcher. It is quite different from any other research paper that you have written over your coursework. The Read more »

Most Common Mistakes in Writing Essays

Writing Essays
Writing essays is not as easy as it seems. The requirements differ depending on the assigned essay type, your teacher and institution so you need to constantly adjust your knowledge and skills to Read more »

How to Write a Successful Essay

How to write an essay
A lot of students find essay writing unbearably difficult, especially those with the mathematical mindset. However, essay writing can even be fun if you think of it as a great way to broaden Read more »
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