Tips of Writing a Great Research Paper

Great Research Paper

School and college students are required to write many research papers of varying length and complexity. Most of them do not aim at original research but present a comprehensive synthesis of the existing theories and ideas. Still, you have to demonstrate your outstanding analytical skills and critical thinking to carry out a profound literature review and to present the results in the most efficient way. Our tips on writing a great research paper will guide you through the process. 

Start in advance and get organized. With a research paper, procrastination can be dangerous. There is no way you can go through a stack of literature in one evening. So plan your timetable from the very beginning and promise yourself to write at least a paragraph every day. Think of some incentives that can motivate you to write the research paper quickly.

Choose a topic you understand. With research papers you mostly have to select a topic on your own although the direction of your research may be predefined by your teacher or advisor. Think of an issue that you are most interested in and then narrow it down to a specific topic that would be easily manageable within your the space limits of your paper and the time limits that you have. Many students like to show off their erudition and choose topics that are too broad and under-researched. If you opt for such a topic, you may lack sources to investigate it.

Do initial reading. Before you move on any further, you have to get familiarized with the major sources in this field and make an approximate list of all the sources you will use. Based on this preliminary study, you need to develop a working thesis. Side with the researchers whose viewpoint seems the best-grounded for you. Unless you write a dissertation, you are not required to express truly original and breakthrough ideas, so let it be something you can easily prove with supporting sources.

Take notes. Record the most relevant citations and quotations that you will use in your paper along with the basic bibliographical information. Check library databases of your institution. Seek for the most recent sources but don't fail to mention the classic works in this field either.

Make an outline. Every research paper requires careful organization. You certainly need to make an outline that would include your thesis, major and minor arguments along with the sources that you will use for support. Think of the order of your arguments. The weakest of them should placed somewhere in the middle where they would the less conspicuous. 

Draft your paper. Remember that your outline is not set in stone so if you feel it has to be modified, don't hesitate to do it. Ensure the logical flow of your ideas. Don't forget to cite the sources you use in the proper format. Leave enough time to edit and redraft your paper. Have someone else read it and suggest you the ways of improving it. Write a fair copy when you are totally satisfied with the draft.

These tips on writing a great research paper can provide you some help but it may not be enough if you overwhelmed with loads of requirements and materials. If you don't want to master research writing by trial and error, you may need to contact our professional writing service. We can handle any subject, any topic and any deadline with the guarantee of your highest academic results!