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Money Back Policy

CheapCustomWritings.net is a reputable provider of professional custom writing services online. Since the first day of our operations, we have been continuously working on improving our service for clients. Essay money back policy is one of the quality-assurance tools as well as protection mechanism to secure the interests of our customers. While many writing agencies deny the right of their clients to ask for full refunds, we do not neglect this policy.

Full Refunds Are Issued When:

  • You were double-billed for the same order or placed two identical orders at our website. We return 100% paid for the second order.
  • We fail to find qualified writer to work on your assignment. You are notified about this within 3 hours after order submission at our website and receive a full refund within 24 hours.
  • We fail to deliver your assignment before due date. Please note, we are not responsible for delayed delivery if you provide incorrect email address and phone number as well as if you provide additional requirements when the writer has already started working on your order.
  • Written assignment contains plagiarism. While we do check all assignments for plagiarism before delivery, if you trace plagiarism in the work - we will give you a full refund (full refund is issued if plagiarism score is above 10%, because these 10% may be attributed to quotes, reference entries, and common phrasing).
  • You want to cancel your order within 1 hour after its placement and payment. If, for any reason, you want to cancel your order, we will refund your payment if your request is received within 1 hour.

Partial Refunds May Be Issued When:

  • The writer ignores your messages (no reply within 7 days) and does not follow instruction points
  • Your requirements were not followed and your revision instructions were not integrated into updated work

Refunds Are Not Issued When:

  • You apply for a refund beyond the guarantee period (later than 14 days after delivery of a written assignment)
  • You use service other than writing. Refunds are not provided for customers using editing, re-writing, and formatting types of assignments because we are not the authors of those assignments (you are).
  • Your request is based on grade or feedback from the teacher. We do not guarantee an A+, but we do guarantee our ability to follow all requirements.

We Care About Results

All refund or money back cases are reviewed individually. If you are not satisfied with our assistance, you are always welcome to contact us with any question and we will help you solve your problem. We are open for dialogue and will find the best solution that suits your expectations.


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