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So, you have been assigned to complete the book review. Congratulations! What is next? Are you ready for reading the book? Are you familiar with the notions of the book review and book report? It is good for you if you have answered "yes". If your answer is "no", or you are doubting whether you know the difference between a book review and book report assignments you would better read attentively the article.

What Is Book Review About?

Comparing a book review to a book report, it may be that the student may forget about the difference between writing a book report and a book review, or simply ignore it. It is true that these two kinds of writing assignments are similar. Nevertheless, they are not the same. It may become a major mistake of the student and lead to the complete disaster if the student gets wrong the meaning of the book review assignment. True often, the students mix up the book report and book review assignments just because they were not attentive during the classes and did not hear the explanation of both assignments. It can also result from the lack of diligence that almost all the students experience from time to time, or during all the time, as it depends on the personal characteristics of the student. Regardless the reason of such misunderstanding, the result is always the same – students submit the wrong paper. In the other words, they get dissatisfying grades when they could get "A+".

It should be remembered that a book review is not just a simple summary of the plot, main characters, and ideas. A book review goes further than a book report; it provides reflections on what has been read. A book review is not just what the book is about. That is the core difference between the book report and book review. The difference does not seem to be striking. That is way, beginning with writing a book review many students proceed involuntary with writing a book report. Consequently, they submit the wrong paper and get a low rating. In the other words, students continue with rendering the plot of the book. That is not what a book review implies. A student is supposed to give his/her considerations on what has been read. It is not enough to provide only a summary of the book. That is what a book report deals with. If you are asked to write a book review you should write personal reflections. It is important to show how you understand the book.

How Much Does It Cost?

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Order or Not To Order

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