Most Common Mistakes in Writing Essays

Writing Essays

Writing essays is not as easy as it seems. The requirements differ depending on the assigned essay type, your teacher and institution so you need to constantly adjust your knowledge and skills to new objectives. There is no pattern or sample to be applicable for every essay. Writing mastery is only achieved by trial and error, however many guidelines and tips you read. So what are the most common mistakes in writing essays?

  1. No premeditation. First and foremost, students often plunge into writing without any premeditation and without making an outline. It results in incoherent structure with no transitions between the paragraphs. To avoid it, you need to make an outline and define what you are going to write in each paragraph.
  2. No clear thesis. Some students neglect to clearly formulate the central sentence of the entire essay. It can't be vague or ambivalent: you need to nail your standpoint clearly. The rest of the essay is subordinated to this major thought completely.
  3. Conclusion repeats the introduction. Although it is true that conclusion has to reiterate the thesis, it is no excuse to copy your words to the letter. Make some generalizations in a more sophisticated way than you did it in the introduction. 
  4. Insufficient or irrelevant evidence. Most types of essays need to contain evidence to back up the arguments. However, students often treat this requirement carelessly: the evidence may be irrelevant to the argument or too weak for its support. To avoid it, approach your research with rigor and scrupulosity: seek for the most recent, verifiable and sufficient evidence.
  5. Plagiarism. Even though students may not intend to steal someone else's ideas, they may just cite the sources improperly which is frequently qualified as plagiarism. Remember that even if you cite a source you should paraphrase the words of the author to convey the gist only.
  6. Excess. To make an essay lengthier students usually resort to writing irrelevant information or repeating themselves. Teachers, however, appreciate the brevity largely because thus you spare their time. So write to the point and check whether each sentence contributes to the objective of your essay. If not, it can be safely deleted.
  7. Grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Although it is the content that matters most of all in essay writing, mechanical mistakes can make the teacher think that you were careless about the essay. Too many mistakes can mar the impression even from the most brilliant ideas. To avoid them, you need to save enough time for editing and proofreading. Don't trust it to yourself only. There are many online services that can edit your essay professionally and ensure its appropriate format.

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